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Why do Watches Have Jewels?


Many times people have the misconception that the "Jewels" in a watch add a great value to the watch because of the "Value of the Jewels", such as their diamond or other gemstones in their rings and necklaces and other pieces of "Fine Jewelry".

Jewels in watch's are strictly functional, they prevent "wear" from occurring when there are moving parts against stationary metal parts (it is a little like "ball-bearings"), if you can reduce friction and wear, any mechanical devise will run better, smoother and will last longer.

The Jewels used in watches were always natural rubies & sapphires, until the late 1890's, after the turn of the century, synthetic jewels were introduced to the watch making industry.

There is often a relationship to the number of jewels and a higher price watch, but it is not the value of these "Jewels" that add value to the watch, it is a "better running watch", because of the jewels and the reduced friction, that makes the watch run better, thus a higher cost. Because of this reduced friction, metal parts do not wear down, and one has a more accurate time piece.

Because of the shape of the jewels (many are "cup-shape"), these jewels "hold" the lubricating oil in place, thus helping to reducing friction and wear in the watch.


Examples of only a few of the "Jewels" found in most watches.


              Hole Jewel           Hole & Cap Jewel      Pallet Stone Jewel        Roller Jewel



In conclusion, the more jewels in the watch...... the better the watch. These "Jewels" create a soother running, more accurate, longer running timepiece.

A 21-Jewel watch will always keep more accurate time than a 17-Jewel watch, and likewise a 17-Jewel watch will perform better than a 7-Jewel watch.

Any additional value and cost is due to the additional  quality and accuracy of that particular time-piece, as well as the additional labor required to insert these  jewels into that time-piece.


Walt Tofel

"Your Master Jeweler"


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