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All Returns & Refunds

Requires only Two easy steps

Step #1

1) Send us a e-mail, advising that you want to return the item that you purchased.

2) Be sure to include the name that it was purchased under, and the date of the purchase.

3) We will respond with in 24 business hours, with shipping instructions, (To include how to package and insurance of that item).

Step #2

Once we have received the same item that was shipped to you, in the same condition as it was shipped, the refund will be made  in less than 24 business hours, via the same manor as the payment was made.


It is that simple, your refund will be made.

In most cases (depending on the method of return shipping), the overall process is normally 1 to 4 days, from your initial e-mail to the actual refund being made.


Because we are an Honest & Reliable Jeweler, we expect likewise consideration from each and every client. Prior to shipping any Diamond and or Gemstone item, we have accurately measured and weighed the stones, as well as to include an accurate Gemstone Report with a "Plot" of that gemstone natural inclusions, that was attached to our sales records. Upon receiving your returned item, we will verify that returned item against our existing records (for your transaction), that the item being returned is the same item that was shipped originally to you. Once that verification has been made, we immediately make the refund to your credit card.


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