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The Gross National Debt

 Over One Million Dollars every 42 seconds

Our national debt, that we owe to China

This amount is so large, that few people can even read or comprehend this number and what it truly represents, meanwhile it is constantly growing.

The congressional leaders in Washington D.C. have created this debt on your behalf. it is you and your children who will be responsible for re-paying this national debt through future taxation. Meanwhile our congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle, do nothing nor truly care how they are destroying our country. Their only concern is being re-elected, collecting their outrageous pay, benefits and retirement packages.

Shame on all of you in Washington, D.C. for creating this mess

All of you should be sent home during the next election

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Not Made In China

Why is this so important?

The economic future of our nation as well as the future for our children and grandchildren are dependant on the choices that we make today. With each passing year we are becoming more dependant on communist China to produce our consumer goods, meanwhile more and more American jobs are being lost to factories in China, as these products that were formally made in America are now being made in overseas. As this trend continues our trade deficits with China grows larger with each passing year, further indebting the US Government to another nation. Like a massive hurricane looming on the horizon, this potential finical disaster of our national and personal wealth will result in the destruction our industrial powerhouse that formally fueled our economy and gave security to our nation and its citizens. This is the largest transferee of a nations wealth (to another nation) in the history of mankind, and will create the economic destruction of ours and most western nations, if this is allowed to continue.

Loss of leadership:

Neither our elected leaders nor our corporate leaders seem to care, as long as huge profits continue to roll in, with corresponding campaign-contributions to fund congressional re-election campaigns. It is with these excessive profits that these huge corporations continue to ship more manufacturing jobs into China, as they continue to finance the elections of both political parties, so as to own and control both sides of the political aisles in Washington. In the end, it is the American worker who is loosing their jobs to Chinese factories who are producing low cost consumer goods, ... that we are demanding.

 In a nut shell, we are slowly self-destructing the economic manufacturing base of our nation and with that, the security of our families with each and every product that is Made In China. You may deny this fact as long as you are fully employed, until the day that you find that your job has been eliminated and consequently you are unable to secure another well paying job. It is then and only then that this self-imposed suicidal cycle of demanding cheaper and cheaper foreign produced goods, that the average citizen will fully realize what our government, corporate leaders and "We-The-People" have done to our nation. By then this declining cycle will almost be irreversible, with plants that have been shut down in excess 15 to 20 years and are unusable for further productive needs, the probable recession-depression that will surly surpass what occurred in 1929.

Nine months after writing this, the beginning of mortgage crisis started to show up, the failure of major US banks, the decline of the stock market, escalating oil prices and the further devaluation of the dollar world-wide. All totally independently separate situations and yet they are interwoven together because of the decline of the American dollar as well as our ever-increasing national debt. Or another way of wording it is that...


International trade:

I have to admit, up until only a few years ago I truly believed in fair and equal international trade between nations, thus benefiting the manufacturing, creative sectors as well as the people of all nations, but something has gone severely astray in the past 15 to 20 years. Neither of our leaders in the White House nor our Congressional leaders have the vision or truly care about this potential  economic disaster  that is quickly approaching our nation. Our elected leaders are only interested in ... their ever increasing pay, retirement, health and benefit packages and being re-elected as well as their obligations to the corporations who PAID to have them placed into office with never-ending campaign contributions. Meanwhile the bed-rock of  our nation, its manufacturing sector continues to decline while national debt and trade deficits continues to balloon out of control, and no one in Washington seems to care.

Foreign Debt:

With each passing year our national debt as well as our trade-deficits  grows larger with China, while our dollar continues to be de-valued against other international currencies.  Because of these excessive profits being  earned by government-owned factories in China, consequently it is China's national banking system has been purchasing U.S. Treasury Bills to finance our national debt  that our government leaders have created and to offset the re-payment the trade deficits that we help to create by purchasing so many of their products. With each year these trillions of dollars that we owe the Chinese government continues to escalate, due to our own greed for quick corporate profits and low cost consumer goods.

The number on the top of this page is in the TRILLIONS, and growing

When any foreign nation has such finical power over our government due to our national debt and trade deficit, likewise they have the power to ignore or to dictate treaties, agreements and a slew of other factors that benefit their nation. Meanwhile we Americans will have to be taxed heavier in the near future so as to re-pay this foreign debt. Repeatedly year after year our own government is unable or unwilling to provide the basic health care & social needs that Americans so desperately need. It does not require a Doctorate in International-Economics to conclude that something is seriously wrong, accordingly we are equally responsible for re-electing these do-nothing presidents and congressional leaders who have sold their souls to corporations who finance their re-elections campaigns, while giving little to no thought about the repercussions of their lack of actions and this is the primary reason for serious national problem. We have always assumed that our congressional leaders were suppose to represent "We the People" but the reality of today, is that they are only representing "We the Campaign-Donors", while our country's finical security quickly slides down a slippery road towards fiscal instability. 

The Mart & Big-Box Stores:

These corporations (and others) are largely responsible for this impending disaster that looms on the horizon. They are obsessed with acquiring low cost goods so as to promote higher sales and boost their  corporate profits, with little regard to the fact that the former "Rust-Belt of the 80's" is again spreading cancerous effects upon the nation as more and more business close due to the lack of contracts for products that are now being Made In China. We as consumers are equally responsible by demanding and purchasing such goods, consequently causing this domino-effect of cascading economic decline, foreign debt and a de-valued dollar that was the only dependable currency world wide.

These huge corporations when singing contracts with their suppliers, could very easily demand that each and every product should have at least 40% of its components manufactured in the United States, so as to help create an even larger base of their potential clientele.  They do not do this, because they do not truly care about you or the nation, their only interest is their ever increasing profit margin, the consequence of selling your soul to China for a quick profit.

The Rotating Dollar:

Typically, when a person spends one dollar with a local business, that dollar is normally re-spent at least seven times before it leaves the community forever. Like-wise there is additional re-spending (Of that first initial Dollar) when it is re-spent repetitively again by seven fold and the process may replicate its self as much as 49 times until all of those first initial dollars truly leave the community forever. Accordingly with every purchase made locally, especially with products that are Made-In-America, it provides potential employment in that community as those same dollars are repetitively rolled-over and are re-spent with in that region.  In general the whole community benefits, giving us a vibrant economy and full employment that then repeats its self through out the whole nation.

When dollars are spent in large corporate discount  and big-box stores  with (With out-of-state corporate headquarters)  and on products that were Made In China, all of those profits immediately leave the area forever, (with the exception of low wages employees), thus depleting the local economy of the potential economic growth and expansion that could have occurred, if we had spent our dollars with local business who made the effort to carry products that were Made-In-America, consequently providing employment and a vibrant economic future for all Americans.

 Made In America:

Take a walk through any "Mart-Store or Big-Box store", pick up each and every box, you will find 98% of these items were Made In China. By now you are fully aware that all of your clothing in your closet has been manufactured over seas. Now take a minute search your own pantry, freezer, canned and dried-goods, shockingly you will find even our food supplies are being imported from China. Then pause and wonder... "How will your children and grandchildren ever afford a home, vacation and some basic finical security, if they are unable to find a decent paying job in the future". The next time you are in a "Mart or Big-Box Store" take a moment and ask to speak with the manager, and inquire... "Where are the American Made items found within the store?", when they tell you "There are none"  then inform that manager that ... "I was planning to spend $400 to $500 for gifts, but since all your products are all Made In China, I will have to spend my money elsewhere, where the products are Made In America. It is then and only then, when these discount stores see a reduction in their sales and profits, that they will return to having products produced and Made In America rather than China.

The sky is falling:

With the Chicken Little Theory, "The sky is always falling", consequently no one bothers to listen and truly absorb this basic problem that we are facing at this critical period in our nations history. Yes, our economy is booming, with low employment and acceptable inflation, but the reality of the situation is really dependant on what side of the economic-fence that you are sitting on at the moment. For those who are fully employed, they truly do not care where the products are manufactured, as long as they can buy them as cheaply as possible. For those who have lost their jobs and now working two to three low paying service-related jobs, just to keep their family afloat, they truly understand the ramifications of what is occurring. The destruction of national manufacturing capabilities does not only effect skilled and un-skilled workers who are trying to achieve the American-Dream by having a decent paying job, but it also effects our best and brightest, highly educated management employees, engineers, accounts, designers and a slew of other personal who services will no longer be  required here in America, as these jobs are also being out-sourced to Chinese government owned factories. You can keep your head buried in the sand and deny the possibility that this is occurring, or you can take a moment and ponder the total ramifications of what is actually happening now and where another 10 years of this insane direction will take our nation and its people.

I for one do not want to be fully dependant on a Chinese-Communist-Government for our basic food and consumer goods. At the Port of Los Angeles,  fully-loaded ships are backed up 50 to 200 miles every day into the Pacific ocean, waiting for their turn to unload these Made-In-China imports, likewise when leaving our ports they are usually empty to near empty, as few to no exports are being shipped back to China, ... something is seriously wrong.


Most Americans are fed-up with  corporate-greed and their

MADE IN-CHINA products, that result in ....

  • Unsafe Food
  • Lead-Painted toys for our children
  • 50 cent (Cost) Barbie Dolls that sell for $20.00 = (@40-X mark-up)
  • Poisoned Pet Food
  • Unsafe Food from filthy Chinese fish farms
  • Unsafe Baby Cribs
  • And tens of thousands of other re-calls and unsafe items
  • While some Americans are unable to locate well paying employment

Elected Presidential and Congressional officials

who's only interest is...

  • Being re-elected again
  • Obligatory votes,  to re-pay corporate donors
  • Their outrageous pay
  • Their Cadillac Health Care, but none for the people
  • Their $100,000 to $200,000 yearly retirement, while your mother is expected to live on $800 to $1,000 per month in Social Security.

It is this shameful greed and lack-of-action by our elected officials, that is the primary reason for creating this potential destruction of our national finical security, and for that they should all be held  accountable. Have any of them ever phoned your home and said.. "Joe, is there any thing I can do to help you?", the only time that they ever phone you is when they are looking for your vote to be re-elected again. Let us send them all back home during the next election and replace our do-nothing congress and president with people who will finally represent the people of our nation and not the corporate donors who have been keeping them in office decade after decade. 

Though the jewelry industry is dependant on various gemstones and other occasional supplies coming from other countries, this is the reality of international trade that reflects itself on this and other industries.  But I also refuse to carry any jewelry that is MADE IN CHINA, and I make an extraordinary effort to create and carry Fine-Jewelry that is Made In Vermont or Made In America.


Because I care, and so should you

Now is the time for each American, to stand up and be counted with their power of their purchasing dollars with each and every transaction that you make, by requesting & demand items that are Made In America

When Quality Counts, nothing can exceed an item that has been..

  Made In America

American products create American Jobs

Think before you buy, it is your future...

if you do not care about yourself, then do it for your children


Walt Tofel


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