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"Made in Vermont"

Q  What does "Made in Vermont" mean and represent?

A   When a item indicates that it was "Made in Vermont", it must have been created and crafted in Vermont. This association with "Vermont" implies a verity of concepts to many visitors and clients, such as... "Quality, Honesty & Reliability". Thus it is expected (in the mindset of most consumers) that these additional attributes should automatically be associated with any product created in Vermont. It is for this reason that many craftsman, who put the maximum effort into each and every item that they create, are proud to indicate to their clients, that this item was...."Made in Vermont".

Vermont is more than a place and location, it is "a way of life", where one's word and a handshake is still better than any contract. Our natural beauty within the state, is reflected in an "exceptional quality of life" for our residents. With our low population, clean air and a extraordinary life style, this quality of living is replicated in positive work attitudes that result in exceptional products created by Vermont Craftsman.

To view our quality jewelry items (such as Vermont Charms, Baby Jewelry, Vermont Gemstones and more), that have been created and "Made In Vermont". These items are scattered all through our web site, please click the "Home Page" below to start your tour and look for the "Made In Vermont" logo, it is your assurance of a "quality item" from Vermont, that you would be proud to give or receive.

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Q.. Why is "Made In America" and "Made In Vermont" so important? 

A.. No country can produce better products as we do in America, for every item produced in America, it provides employment for American workers today, and employment for your children and grandchildren in the future. The "health" of  our national economy now as well as in the future, is critically dependant on the choices that we all make today. Choose a "Big Box" product that was "Made In China"  and soon no one will be able to afford what the "Big Box Stores" have to offer.

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