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Gold Map

Where to pan for GOLD in a river, stream, or even a "dry-gulch", where an old steam was in the past.

Below is a GOLD MAP that I created for my grandchildren. If by chance the "Gold-Bug" bites you someday and you would like to go out panning for gold, this map will give you all the information that you will need to find gold in most any area. You can go out and purchase a ton of books, but in general it all comes down to these eight critical areas that you should pan first. Once you hit pay-dirt, then slowly move up-stream, until you find the Mother-Load, then you can send me a check for 20% of what you find (Just kidding)

Remember: BLACK SAND (It has lot of Iron in it), it is heavy and will sink down lower & lower into the stream like GOLD, so once you find BLACK SAND (It might be under the Blond Sand), there is a good chance that you are very close to the GOLD that you are seeking.   

Have Fun Panning

Walt Tofel

See additional pictures below

Q #1 What is "Black Sand" and why is it so important?

A. When panning for gold, it good to be looking for "Black Sand", often gold is found in these darker sands. Black Sand is usually composed of Iron, as well as Platinum and Palladium, these metals are heavy like gold, thus because of their weight they all have a tendency of sinking down lower in a stream bed as well as grouping together. Likewise if you are finding Black Sand, you may find gold in this area.

Q #2 Why is looking for Quartz so important?

A. Gold is often found with and or in Quartz stones, you may be panning a stream or digging in dry gulch, if you are coming upon quartz stones and rocks, take the time to look carefully at this quartz. Quite often you will see fine flakes and veins of gold or possibly a nice large nugget incased in this rocks. Finding Quartz is a good indication of possible gold to be found in this area.

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Below are additional pictures, so as to better understand where you can find gold when looking at the river or dry gulch from a different perceptive.




If in a river or stream, it is a good way to stay cool on a hot day, and with gold over $1200 per troy ounce, you might make a few thousand dollars while having fun.

Have fun



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