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Antique & Estate Watches

This unique collection of rare and unusual Wrist and Pendant Watches, created during a period, when craftsman "took pride in their work". Even now 50 to 100 years later, these exceptional timepieces are ticking away, a testament to their exceptional quality.

Why do watches have "Jewels"?

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After 49 years in the fine jewelry field, I have retired and closed our retail operation. Thus you will find exceptional LOW prices on our remaining inventory. These items are being sold at and BELOW manufacturing COST. Once these items are sold, there will be no others available at these prices.



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Retirement SALE



#1936                   Estate              14-K  W.G.

Circa  1950's  Circa

Lady Hamilton

.66 ct. of Diamonds, 22 Jewel Movement

Lady Hamilton 14-K white gold watch, with 12 diamonds equaling .66 ct. total weight. The dial is white and in good condition. The black cord strap is Gold Filled, to include the  clasp, rings and a safety chain. With its high grade 22 Jewel movement, it is understandable why over a half a century later it still is keeping beautiful time.

This watch is in excellent visual condition as well as excellent running order

"A Classic Diamond "Ladies Watch"

FMV $3750.                               Was $1695.

Was $1695.

Now Only $847.

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Retirement SALE


#1880                  Estate               14-K  W.G.

Circa  1950's  Circa


.33 ct. of Diamonds

17 Jewel Movement

Since 1791, watchmaker to the royal courts of Europe, Girard-Perregaux watch's are among the worlds most desired and a favorite of watch collectors and those who desire a "high quality" watch.

This 14-K white gold ladies wrist watch, has 12 diamonds that equal .33 ct. of diamonds. The case and back is 14-K white gold, and the expansion band is gold filled. Its movement is a 17 Jewel, with an overall excellent internal and external condition.

"A Classic Collectors Watch"

FMV $2700.                               Only $1300.

Was $1300.

Now Only $650.

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Retirement SALE


#1034                    Estate             14-K  Y.G.

Circa  1960's  Circa


17 Jewel Movement,  Automatic

Tired of Batteries being dead, with this Classic Ladies Automatic Wristwatch, just put it on, wear it and the watch "self winds-automatically".

This quality Swiss made, Eterna-Matic Wristwatch, with its self-winding, 17-jewel movement, 14-K Case, was in in this "Class-A" condition as it came in with a large estate that I purchased. Probable rarely worn, as indicated by its excellent condition. 

"When Quality & Value Counts"

FMV $775.

Was $598.

Now Only $299.

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1/2 OFF

Retirement SALE


#1208                    Estate             14-K  Y.G.

Circa  1950-60's  Circa


21 Jewel Movement

Fully original, to include the watch, strap and the original case. Someone's grandmother had rarely worn the exceptional ladies gold wristwatch, that came in as part of an estate that I purchased.

With its high quality 21-Jewel movement, 14-K watch case, and its classic vintage design, it makes this one beautiful presentation as a gift or when gifting yourself.

"Unparalleled Quality"

FMV $440.                                 Only $398.

Was $398.

Now Only $199.


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