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Antique & Estate Watches


This unique collection of rare and unusual Wrist & Pocket Watches, created during a period, when craftsman "took pride in their work". Even now 100 to 150 years later, these exceptional timepieces are ticking away, a testament to their exceptional quality.


twinkle.gif 1/2 OFF Retirement SALE twinkle.gif

After 49 years in the fine jewelry field, I have retired and closed our retail operation. Thus you will find exceptional LOW prices on our remaining inventory. These items are being sold at and BELOW manufacturing COST. Once these items are sold, there will be no others available at these prices.

Many items are already discounted, but it will take time to fully discount ALL items and to add additional inventory on this web site. If there is an item that you are interested in and I have not discounted it at this time, just email me with the item number and current price and I will lower that items price just for you.

Thank You

Walt Tofel

Why do watches have "Jewels"?



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