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Ruby-Diamond Ring

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3-Dia. Antique Ring

18-K Yellow Gold

Diamond-Sapphire Ring, 18-K W.G.

Opal-Diamond Ring


Designer Series, 1.00 ct. Diamond Earrings

13 Diamond Engagement Ring

Maple-Leaf Brooch

Vermont Snow-Flake


 Rare, Flip-Ring

Classic 3-Diamond Engagement Ring

Dia. & Mabe Pearl Ring

ROLEX style bracelet

Diamond & Sapphire

Mabe Pearl Ring

Natural Pearl Brooch

Antique Earrings

Yel. Sapph. & Dia. Necklace


Diamond Necklace

Dia. Heart Necklace

18-K YG Dome-Ring

with 1.00 cts of Diamonds

Circa 1910 Diamond Engagement Ring


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After 49 years in the fine jewelry field, I have retired and closed our retail operation. Thus you will find exceptional LOW prices on our remaining inventory. These items are being sold at and BELOW manufacturing COST. Once these items are sold, there will be no others available at these prices.

Thank You

Walt Tofel


We are so confident in the quality of each and every item listed here, all items listed are backed with our.... 

 ....15 day-100% money back, no risk, return guarantee

twinkle.gif and always at a discounted prices. twinkle.gif

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Large South-Sea-Pearl Necklace

Was $2400. Now $888.

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Very Rare 3-Diamond Bar Pin

Was $2000. Now $995.

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High Quality Diamond Necklace

Was $1600. Now $799.

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9-Diamond Wedding Ring

Was $950. Now Only $475.

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Diamond Necklace

Was $2600.  Now ONLY $995.

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Designer Series

Was $1098.  Now ONLY $549.

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Limited Edition




ALL at 1/2 OFF

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Was $1800. Now $900.

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Was $3700. Now $1850.

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Estate Circa 1960's

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Antique & Estate Brooch's


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  Bennington Moosefest

Handcrafted Moose Charms

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1.50 ct. Dia. Tennis Bracelet

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Our Special Vermont Diamond Rings


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Vermont Charms



Diamond Bracelet


Exceptional Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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You probably have notice that the vast amount of our items listed on this web site are based on $500.00 per ounce Gold prices. These low prices are about twinkle.gif1/3 the pricetwinkle.gif of what the same item would cost if made today at current gold market prices. To check the current price of gold during the last 24 hours (updated every 60 seconds), click the link below.

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We absolutely refuse to carry any jewelry that is Made-In-China that is typically found in your large chain-operated "Mall-Store Jewelers". Click the above flag to understand why.

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Made In America

 ...these products create American jobs for American workers.

Common jewelry is too often valued in purely mathematical terms, with Quality jewelry its value not only lies in the cost of its components, but also the skill and artistic vision that goes into each creation.

Each and every item of jewelry has been crafted by a Master Jeweler with the skill, craftsmanship and dedication so that you can be assured of generations of wearability.

Enjoy your tour of our exquisite selection of Fine Jewelry especially our Antique & Estate and Diamond Engagement Ring section, where you will find only the highest quality jewelry and always at discounted prices.

Tofel Jewelers

Creating fine quality jewelry for over 49 years

Walt Tofel

"Your Master Jeweler"

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As a Jewelry Designer and Master Jeweler I take great pride in each and every creation. If you have any questions about any item listed here, please e-mail us.

Each item listed on this site, is an actual live item, ready to be shipped within hours to you. We do not operate on a "Phantom Inventory" as many internet sites do. To better understand what "Phantom Inventories" are, click this link.

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Pearl Earrings with

Flower Jackets


Pearl & Diamond Ring

Engagement Ring

Ruby-Diamond Ring

Diamond Earrings

Diamond Necklace


.60 ct. Dia Tennis Bracelet

2.00 ct. Dia Tennis Bracelet

14-K Dia. Huggie Earrings

Amethyst/Dia. Ring

14-K Opal-Diamond Earrings

14-K HOWARD Pocket watch

Exceptional Diamond/Ruby Ring

"Tension Set" Diamond

Ruby Covered Bridge

18-K Estate Ring

Rolex Style Diamond Bracelet a heavy quality item.

Diamond Necklace


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